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Marine Pod with Tilting Swivel

A water tight housing used to mount electronic marine
instruments such as GPS, Fish Finders, Depth Finders
and RADAR. Marine Pod is weather, UV, and moisture
resistant. 0.187" Starting Gauge, Front and Back molded
to fit line-to-line and trim finish is compatible with
water tight seal.
Pole Mounted Marine Pod

Marine Pod Marine Pod

Marine Pod

Hose Coil Housing with Hose Coil Hose Coil Housing

Recessed Hose Bin Recessed Hose Bin with Hose Coil

Kiosk for Remote Document Preparation & Transmission -- 40" high x 42" wide x 30" front to back. Houses computer w/ modem, FAX w/ modem, keyboard, monitor, credit card slide, document input and output chutes. Designed by Sandel Products for the client. Kiosk had to be UPS shipable in three boxes assembed on-site w/o tools or fasteners in 3 minutes, and major electronic components had to be theft secure. Total Kiosk weight (w/o electronic components) could not exceed 70 lbs.